Sunday, 3 October 2010

'She makes my heart beat in the same way as in the start of Blue Monday'

So, on Friday I saw Neil Hannon AKA The Divine Comedy in the Ardhowen Theatre in Enniskillen and I have to say, it was the best concert I have ever been to. You can keep your Oxegens and your Aviva Stadiums (can't believe that name is actually sticking...), I far prefer one little whimsical man in a bowler hat and a briefcase, just on a piano not but 2 metres away from me.

I have to say that The Divine Comedy are my favourite band artist act ever. No one has ever come close to the perfection of those melodies with those lyrics. I also love the fact that he too is from Fermanagh and his songs about teenage fumblings and angst (see Songs of Love) are so so familiar to me. My family are driven demented by my playing his songs over and over again on a loop.

I really loved his crowd interaction, this was a homecoming gig of sorts for him which he acknowledged by saying things like 'Scans crowd for recognisable faces, it's too dark to see, goes back to playing piano', telling stories about how he got in trouble in Paris for spilling his pint of Guinness all over his piano and giving a really touching tribute to his parents who were both in the audience.

When I heard it was just going to be him on piano and guitar, without the lush orchestral arrangements, I had my doubts and misgivings but I was so wrong. Hannon's musicianship and skill was mesmerising and his voice is just so rich and beautiful. He played all the songs I wanted to hear (except for 'Come Home Billy Bird' and 'Down In The Street Below') including older ones I was surprised to hear like 'Tonight We Fly'.
Lads, it was just fantastic, from the opening of 'My Lovely Horse', to the middle with an amazing cover of 'Don't You Want Me Baby' by Human League where he transformed it into one of the tragic songs I have heard and to the end, closing with 'National Express'.

I know this has gone all very fangirl but he makes me feel the way I imagine Justin Beiber makes a 12 year old girl feel. My sister actually met him, Neil Hannon I mean, not Justin Beiber, in the local youth club a couple of hours before the concert where he was giving a talk on 'You too can get out of Fermanagh and make a success of yourself'. She went up to him and said 'Oh my god, my sister loves you, all she ever plays in her car is your albums!' and he was all 'Cool, tell her I said hi'. SCREAM!!! I am so jealous of her.

As you can tell by reading this, the NME and Pitchfork (is that still cool?...) aren't exactly banging down my door demanding I write for them. If you want to see a good review and a very similar setlist, go here for a review of his sellout gig in the Olympia in Dublin the previous night.

If you've been sitting here the whole time thinking 'The Divine Who?' may I refer you to these. Pure Perfection.

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I was all set to do a post on my new brogues with a heel AKA my 'Witch going tap dancing' shoes from Penneys but I left my camera in my Dublin house. Coming soon, I promise!

xx polkadot