Monday, 13 September 2010

Citrus Fresh from The Body Shop

I love citrusy fresh scents, if it has a limey or lemony zing I'm bound to have it. One beauty brand that does delicious smelling body products is The Body Shop, I especially love their new sweet lemon range. I was previously unaware of their Vitamin C range but when I found out it smelt like oranges I was all over it like a pair of baby-pink tuxedo pants on Chuck Bass.

I went into the shop, planning to buy one product but of course I came out with four:

I bought these from a small concession stand in one of those fantastic local family-run chemists, you know the type, where they have the Canesten on one shelf and the Chanel on the next? Love 'em.
I think that that the Body Shop have changed the packaging of this range, but I like this style, its very bold and looks great against the dark blue tiles in my bathroom. These things are important, y'know!

First up is the Satsuma Body Polish which isn't actually part of the Vit C range but I couldn't leave it behind because it smells DELICIOUS! This is a wonderful smelling body wash with gentle exfoliation beads, it lathers up nicely and isn't too gritty. In the hot steam of the shower this is a wonderful invigorating scent, perfect for those sluggish, ever-increasingly dark Autumnal mornings. I paid £9 for 200ml.

Next is the Vitamin C Intensive Night Treatment, which is a wonderfully thick moisturiser with a pleasant, but not over-powering orange scent. It claims that 'Higher levels of pure vitamin C (10%) work to smooth fine lines and even out skin tone'. Along with the rest of the range it says it enhances the skin's natural radiance. I'm not so sure as when I think 'radiance' I think of my face shining like the moon. I hope not! I paid £12.20 for 30ml which is fairly expensive as I reckon a tube of this wouldn't last much more than a month.

I love using a facial exfoliator in the shower as I think the hot steam really helps to open pores and I can ensure it all gets rinsed off. The Vitamin C Micro Refiner will be perfect for this as the microdermabrasion particles are really fine and aren't too sand papery. Again, this has a pleasant orangey smell. I paid £12.20 for 75ml.

And now, the best for last: the Vitamin C Skin Reviver. This is AMAZING! It says it is a moisturiser that 'smooths, revives and adds radiance'. Actually it is much more like a lovely silicone-y primer, much like my beloved Smashbox Photo Finish. It has a fantastically intense orangey scent which I cannot get enough of and it applies on the skin to give a perfectly smooth surface on to apply make-up. I would still use a moisturiser as well though, just to ensure the all-important SPF protection. I can really see how this brightens up my skin under my foundation and I just love love love it. This cost me £12.20 for 30ml which I think is great value as you only need one pump per application.
I imagine that it suffers from the same bad packaging as the Urban Decay Primer Potion, where it all gets stuck along the inside of the bottle. As this is a glass bottle, I won't be able to cut it open. The new packaging of this product is in a squeezy plastic tube, which admittedly isn't as luxe feeling but solves this problem.

I never feel guilty about splurging on Body Shop products as they are usually of such great quality and have such a great ethos behind them. It's a brand that I really adored in my young teens but in the last few years I felt it really fell behind with the times and did little to entice people into stores. Now, it's really improving, especially its cosmetics range and unlike other stores *ahem, LUSH!* the staff don't put on the hard sell and are really pleasant and helpful. I'll be sure to check it out more often!

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