Thursday, 16 September 2010

Post Break-Up Makeover - Kelly Shows Us How To Do It

Think of Kelly Osbourne and you probably think of that stroppy teenager, screaming at Ozzy whilst tripping over Sharon's hundreds of little yappy dogs. Looking something like this, no?:

Well, No. Since breaking up with that lying cheating scumbag, Kelly has been looking haaawt. No weeping and wailing of 'Ben and Jerry are the only men who will ever love me!' (We've all been there) and getting ill-advised hair-cuts here, she's showing that 'model' exactly what he's missing. This is how to do it girls.

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Of course, her team of stylists, hair and make-up people, publicists, all the free designer clothes and her skinnifying stint on Dancing With The Stars (I keep typing 'Dancing On the Stars'...) all help. Still, Fair Play!

Just one thing Kell, you look great and all, but don't lose any more weight. The size of your head in ratio to the size of your body is heading in the 'lollipop' direction.

xx polkadot


  1. Oh wow, I knew she was looking much better than her stroppy teen days, but I didn't realise how much better! I especially like the second picture, she looks like a totally different person! I also love that clutch... ;-)

  2. Just found your blog, love it :)

    Kelly looks absolutely fantastic, you'd never think that this is that same girl who used to wear those ridiculous john-travolta-in-hairspray-esque wigs. Amazing. I <3 the 6th picture, beautiful and edgy :)

    Also agree about the weight loss - she looks gorgeous now, it'd be a shame to see her do a Nicole Richie.

  3. I think she looks amazing now and should definitely not lose any more weight.