Friday, 10 September 2010

'Hey I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right'

Do you want to see some shoes? Of course you do.

Both of these pairs are from Dorothy Perkins in Enniskillen. I've never actually seen a branch of Dotty P's as nobody calls it down south but there must be because they have the price in Euros as well. Hmm, they must be on the Northside...

The clothes from Dorothy Perkins are usually pretty mank but shoe-wise you can occasionally find the odd pair that are fairly affordable and on trend. Last year I got a great pair of black leather ankle boots that are still going strong.

These ankle boots are my 'Yipee, Autumn is coming!' purchase:

They are my way of rocking the 'shearling' trend without buying one of those ridiculous pilot jackets. Also, I really need to wean myself off Ugg Boots. I love them so much because I am always FREEZING but they are so over. In the loos of the trendier-than-thou Arts Block in college, on a sign for that Niteline counselling service under where it says 'Exam Stress? Money Worries? Crisis Pregnancy? Relationship Problems? Addiction?' some wag has written 'Still Wearing Ugg Boots?' So yeah. no more Ugg Boots, no more toasty warm feet.
I love the sheepskin and suede but I just know that they are going to be destroyed someday when I'm waiting for a bus outside college on Nassau Street and they get splashed by a puddle, despite all the protector spray.
These cost £40/€60 but I got 10% off thanks to student discount. They are also available in black and you can check them out here.

That's the reasonably practical out of the way, who wants to see some sparkly dancing shoes?

I bought these in July, thinking they'd be perfect for Christmas (What, doesn't everybody do that?!). I've only worn them once so they still seem new. They're actually quite hard to match with things but I imagine as the winter party trends come in they'll be great. I saw these on the wonderful Shoeperwoman's blog where she pointed out that they are the EXACT SAME  as a pair by Balmain, only £500 cheaper. *Mr Burns voice* Exxxcellent.

I paid £40 (minus Student Discount) for these in July but they are now reduced down to £35 and are also available in grey. Click here.

I hope you like how my little blog is shaping out so far. If you have any advice or feedback, I'd be really grateful.

xx polkadot

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  1. Those heels are FAB. I must have them. Despite what my bank account tells me ...