Saturday, 11 September 2010

Coral Blush For a Tropical Flush!

A big thing in the beauty blogosphere is 'hitting pan'. Well as you can see here, I have most definitely hit pan on the one blush I will always return to, Coralista by Benefit.

This looks a terrifying orange colour in the box, but lightly buffed and blended into the cheeks, this is the only blusher that can transform me from looking like a topshop mannequin that just has got some bad news into a living, breathing, healthy person with an actual circulation system.
If you have the typical pale pale pale Irish colouring like myself, this will suit you right down to the ground. As you can see on, it's quite the hit!

I bought this last November in Brown Thomas and I paid around €32 which is MENTAL seeing as it costs £23.50 in Sterling Land. GRR!
However, I still consider this good value as I have been using this every day and I'd say there's still at least another 3 month's worth of use left. I will keep using this until it is completely gone and then I will march straight out and buy another one, quick sharp. I would even go as far as to say this is my Holy Grail blusher. I know, lads, I love it that much.

Benefit Coralista can be bought online here.

Hopefully pictures and swatches around here will be getting a lot better soon as I am going to spend all my pennies that I worked so hard (well, so half-heartedly) to earn this August on this camera. I had a lovely little blue yoke but it did not make it out alive from the Trinity Ball. With this camera and my newly installed photoshop (which I have no idea how to use) there'll be no stopping me!

xx polkadot

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  1. question! will that color show up on a medium to dark skin tone?? I want to try those box powder blushes and that's the darkest one they have!