Monday, 20 September 2010

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation

I'm currently sorting things out to go back to college and I keep coming across things I forgot I had. I found this lost amongst the clutter of my beloved Mulberry bag and thought I'd do a little review of it cos it's quite different to all my other foundations.

The Urban Decay website blurb claims: 'Smooth skin to satiny perfection! This ultra-lightweight formula transforms from a decadent cream to a micro-fine powder upon contact with skin for a naturally flawless finish.'

This comes in a gorgeous Cadbury-purple weighty plastic compact which I love. Its quite thick and solid, about 2 inches, with the product in a pan on top and space for the natural-hair brush underneath. The size of the compact is a little unnecessary as you only get 8g of product but I like it because it feels durable and I have no worries about flinging it into a bag.

The brush, like most brushes that come free with cosmetics, is fairly rubbish but by no means the worst I have ever come across. I like the fact that its bristles are natural and they feel firm but not scratchy. However it picks up too much product. 
As you can see, I have already 'hit pan' and I have only used this a couple of times and never on my whole face. As I said before, this only has 8g and as it transforms from a cream to a powder, it really doesn't go that far.

The powdery formulation means that the coverage is much like what you would get from a mineral foundation. I actually really like the 'cream to powder' concept as it really suits my combination skin but if yours is anyway dry, run far far away! I actually don't use this as a foundation as such, but more as a powder to touch up my T-zone when during the day to remove shine and conceal where needed. It's really handy to have in your bag as you don't have to worry about carrying around foundation, concealer and powder. This has such a small amount of product in it that it would be gone after a couple of uses if I used this as a base anyway.

I got this in the shade 'Fate' which Urban Decay describe as 'very fair with gold undertones' which personally I cannot see. Shown above is it in both its cream (top) and blended powder (bottom) forms. It's hard to see the powder swatch which just shows how easily it blends and matches with my skin.

I actually got this in a swap from the marvelous Swap Siopa which is the part of which allows users to swap unused make-up and other beauty bits. ('Siopa' is the Irish for 'Shop' for those who don't know!)
This costs £18/€28 which is hugely expensive for 8g. To put this in perspective, this is around what you would pay for your MAC and Bobbi Brown etc, and you'd get 30ml of product. If Urban Decay doubled this amount, it wouldn't seem like such an unfair deal.

Would I buy this again? No. For the price of an unwanted MAC pigment pot that never suited me, this is a great product. For the prices listed above, it would be a huge disappointment and rip-off. Think again, Urban Decay!

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