Monday, 20 September 2010

Weekend Photos

Sorry for the disappearance over the weekend, I didn't even have any phone signal, let alone internet access.
 My family and I had to bring our boat down from where we keep it on Lough Erne down to Leitrim Village by going down the Shannon-Erne Waterway. (Note that it is referred to as Leitrim Village and not Leitrim Town...).
The first evening as we went past Devenish Island (ancient monastery island) and through Enniskillen was lovely and I took a few pictures because the evening light was really nice. Lets just gloss over the fact that it then proceeded to rain for the following 48 hours and I have severe doubts that I will ever feel warm again...

I love how the light and sky are different in every single picture, it really shows how changeable the Fermanagh weather is. I reckon Discover Ireland should be giving me commission! I hope you like this kind of post, I will be returning back to Dublin this week so it was a great way to spend my last weekend at home.

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  1. Amazing pictures . You're so lucky, living in ireland . I love it :)