Monday, 13 September 2010

Lancôme L’Absolu Crème De Brilliance Lip Gloss

Now, usually I'm not really one for lip gloss, far preferring lipstick or just lip tint and a slick of Carmex during the day. I cannot bear gloopiness or stickiness. But when I saw this picture of Kate Winslet, I immediately thought 'I want!'

(Can we just discuss this picture? I know that complaining about photoshop in cosmetic ads is like complaining that rain is wet but I did not even know who this was. If you turn your head sideways so the picture faces up, It's even more weird looking. She looks like a cyborg! You cannot deny that her lips look incredible though)

I really love this look, its just so so glamourous. I just had to buy it! I paid £18 in House of Fraser in Belfast. (All the staff there are so lovely and helpful, take note Brown Thomas!)

How gorgeous and luxe is this packaging? I especially love the doe-foot applicator which is great for getting really precise coverage.
This is the same shade that Kate is wearing in the ad, Rose Mythique and it is amazing! Its a proper full blast of red with a very subtle sparkle. As it is so highly pigmented, you can't just slick it on as it will just be a mess! You really need to use lipliner to get a really clean look. A simple layer gives a really pretty girly pop of colour that's perfect for daytime and layered over red lipstick, you can actually achieve the high octane look just like in the ad. I just love it!

Unlike other glosses, this isn't at all sticky and being so highly pigmented it tends to leave your lips stained after it wears away. It has a faint rose scent and taste which is grand despite my being so fussy over scents.

I normally wouldn't spend £18 (£18!!!) on a lipgloss but this was my first foray into the brand and as it is so high quality and I love it so much I really feel it's worth it. Provided I don't lose this in the bottom of some handbag, this will serve me well for a long time to come!


  1. It looks nice in the photo, but I'll never like the red lipstick and gloss's very WAGish!

  2. I have this in my kit- I like to wear it over a red lipstick just to give a glam look.